Glutinous Rice Flour

Glutinous Rice Flour


         Glutinous Rice Flour(Sea Elephant) is high quality flour made from Thai good glutinous rice.It has good characteristics as white powder, odor-free and high resolution. When cooked, it is thick and sticky. It will be a sticky mass when cooled down.

         Glutinous rice flour is a popular ingredient to make a various dessert both domestical and international, such as Khanom thūapaēp, Khanom ko, Khanom kou, Kanom tom, Kanom babin, Kao nea tud, Bualoi and so on. If you do not want it to be too sticky, you can put finest rice flour into the mixture to reduce the viscosity as well.



Size  Width  Height Depth Weightg
Bag 500g  20 cm.  30 cm.  5 cm. 500 g.
Bag 1000g  20 cm.  30 cm.  5 cm. 1 kg
Box 10kg  30 cm.  40 cm.  40 cm. 10 kg
Bag 30kg  30 cm.  50 cm.  100 cm. 30 kg



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