Hok Seng Rice Flour; LLC. has operated and developed the products unceasingly. We provide the premium quality products to consumers thoroughly. Accordingly, we are looking forward to co-ordinate with the business partners. We are wide opened to cooperate and develop businesses in order that we can expand the market with the interested representatives who have keep on selling our products both domestic and international through our premium quality products with competitive prices.
       Modified Starch ; In order to serve our customers' various needs, we do customize our products both (white) finest rice flour and glutinous rice flour as of the customers' required formulas. Therefore, customers can bring their formulas to us and we will mix the ingredients with our products blended in our mixing machine as of the proportion of the formula for the well-mixed ingredients used for the customers products exported and used in their industry lines.

HS Laboratory Analysis Certificate

      The certificate of quality assurance and ingredients of products.

Halal Certification

      The certificate of Muslims’ consumption.


      Nature conservation and environment at all stages of production

Taste Recipes

      Formulas and how to make delicious dessert.