Hok Seng Rice Flour

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        Since 1960, Hok Seng Rice Flour was established. It is time for more than 40 years, That Hok Seng Rice Flour produce high quality of Glutinous and Finest rice flour for distribution both domestic and international markets. Under the brand "Sea Elephant".
        Hok Seng Rice flour take "Quality of product" is the core of the business. By selection of the finest raw materials as “Excellent Thai Rice”.  We focus on the conservation of nature and environment at all stages of production. For creation a good environment back to society, we have recycled the waste from every production process. We have researched and developed in every process to get a premium product all along. And the standard has been accepted by the customers both domestically and internationally widely. The customer can be assured of the quality certification of “Hokseng Certificate” and “HALAL Certificate”
    Now Hok Seng Rice Flour have adopted the advanced technology and experiences used in production. For the customers can be assured that “Sea Elephant brand is a premium flour that everyone trusts”.


"Hok Seng Rice Flour, The greatest satisfaction selected by all customers."

HS Laboratory Analysis Certificate

      The certificate of quality assurance and ingredients of products.

Halal Certification

      The certificate of Muslims’ consumption.


      Nature conservation and environment at all stages of production

Taste Recipes

      Formulas and how to make delicious dessert.